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What is it?

Ancient Eastern practices believe that all of us possess a life force within and this is what governs our behaviour and thinking. Unfortunately, our life force can sometimes get stuck in negative patterns, which can express themselves in a variety of ways, such as physical or mental illness, emotional problems or limiting attitudes and beliefs. The Metamorphic Technique – which has its origins in the work of British naturopath and reflexologist, Robert St John – is applied by using a light touch on the spinal reflex points on the hands, feet and head. These points relate to our gestation period – the time from our conception to birth – and it’s during this time that many of our characteristics are set.

“The Metamorphic Technique helps release our life force and allows us to transform any negative energy patterns that are stifling our potential,” explains Alison Baron, a Reiki Master and Metamorphic Technique practitioner. “As a result, changes can occur on all levels – physical, emotional, mental or behavioural.”

What happens?

The Metamorphic Technique is non-diagnostic, so there’s no need for a prior case history to be taken. “The practitioner acts as the catalyst for the change,” explains Alison. “It’s important that the practitioner doesn’t make judgments or try to direct the other person’s life force in any way.”

The session is conducted either sitting or lying down and takes roughly an hour – 20 minutes working on each foot, 5 minutes on each hand and 10 minutes on the head.

Is it for you?

Anyone can learn Metamorphic Technique – visit www.metamorphicassociation.org.uk for teachers, practitioners or further information.

For more details on Alison’s therapies, call 01992 619585 or visit www.therapiesforwomen.org.uk