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Testimonials 1

Peta High, Woodford Green (Astrological Consultant & Counsellor)
“Having suffered with a severe neck problem for over 30 years I was astonished by the power of Alison's treatment. I believe Alison's healing ability combined with her expert use of Reiki to be quite exceptional as she was able to remove acute pain, allowing me to turn my head freely, after only a very brief session. Ongoing she has made a long term difference that had never been possible through other therapies, osteopathy etc.”
Mairead Neal, London (Healer and Medical Intuitive)
“Having a treatment with Alison is a highly relaxing and uplifting experience. Alison is an excellent therapist - professional, caring and totally committed to her clients & wellbeing.”
Joanna Dreher, Buckhurst Hill (City Worker)
“It is not always easy to find a practitioner that you feel completely comfortable with and whose therapies work for you, I got lucky the moment my internet search hit Alison's website. I have since been visiting Alison regularly for wonderful Metamorphic Technique and Reiki sessions. Alison is a true holistic therapist in every respect, as well as living a holistic life herself, her love of and her belief in her work shines through her and that's what makes her therapies work. I certainly feel that I have moved forward since the first treatment. She is also a veritable fountain of knowledge on lifestyle subjects. When I visit Alison, I feel comfortable and relaxed and I always leave feeling great and looking forward to my next treatment.”
Carole Meerloo, Epping (Retired)
“Dear Alison - I Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. Since my daughter treated me to a Reiki session with you, I haven't looked back. It has changed my life. I now feel I can cope with life, and looking after my husband, who has cancer. I feel so much more balanced and in control. When we had an intruder break into the house it was very frightening, and felt very nervous and shaken up. I just knew you would be able to help me, and you did, I felt so much better afterwards and I have never looked back. Alison thank you for all your help, I know I will never feel alone, and will be able to cope whatever life throws at me.”
Paula Bartimeus, Redbridge (Health Writer and Editor)
“Alison - thank you for the wonderful therapy sessions over the past two years. As I've said before, I'd normally feel apprehensive about having Reiki, but with you I always feel confident and relaxed; not to mention the amazing healing experiences I have. The same goes for the Metamorphic Technique. After each session I find myself ready to curl up and drift off into a peaceful sleep. The next day I feel revitalised and much clearer - as if a heavy weight has been lifted.”
Agnes Smith, Lincoln (Complementary Therapist)
“Alison is an amazing therapist - being able to create calm and relaxation just by being. As I am a therapist myself, I felt safe at all times to let go and enjoy treatments because Alison works with great integrity and ability. During the Metamorphic sessions as well as Reiki treatments, I felt that Alison was able to give clean and unadulterated energy that made me feel relaxed, peaceful and able to face a new day. After moving away from Essex, I have not been able to find another therapist with Alison's understanding and conviction. I would recommend Alison to anyone who wants an honest, powerful Reiki or Metamorphic experience.”
Angela Taylor, Loughton (Solicitor)
“Alison, thank you for helping me get on top of things again. By gentle, but professional probing and questioning, you were able to mix and supply me with Bach Flower Remedies over a time span of nearly 4 months. Not only were you able to make me aware of my own situation, but your knowledge of the individual and combined Bach Flower Remedies allowed me to find my natural balance again. The process of taking the preparations was easy firstly due to your ability to know exactly when I would need a further supply and what changes you would have to make within the synergy of various remedies. Everything else happened surprisingly easily, gently and was long lasting. Thank you again.”